Our services

We help build resilience, confidence, and a sense of purpose that extends far beyond the therapy room, workplace, or provisional licensing period. While the cost of clinical supervision and training is an additional expense, it as an investment in your career development and overall success as a mental health professional.

Pricing for services can vary based on a variety of factors. Concrete pricing is confirmed after an initial consultation is completed. To give you a general idea of what the cost of investment may be, see below. All pricing is confirmed during discovery call.

Clinical Supervision
  • Contract Intern Supervision $45 - $75

  • Single License Individual supervision $100

  • Dual Licensure (LCSW/LCAS) Supervision $150

  • Contract Agency Supervision $60-$75 per licensee per hour

  • Professional Case Consultation $25

Training and Workshops
  • Training & Workshops $150+ per hour

  • Retreat Facilitation $150+ per hour

  • Nonprofit reduced rates available

Professional Development Coaching

$75 + (price confirmed during discovery call)

Accountabilty Coaching

$75 per+ (pricing confirmed during discovery call)